destacado llegar lago sandoval

Where is and how can i go to lake sandoval?

If you are a nature lover, you can’t miss a tour in Sandoval lake for nothing in the world. The Peruvian Amazon is a magical and mysterious destination where you can enjoy a romantic travel or an adventure like no … Read More

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destacado lago sandoval

Sandoval Lake: Meet the most beautiful lake in the Peruvian Amazon

Do you want to spend your holidays in one of the most beautiful places in the world? So we suggest you do a tour in Lake Sandoval. This impressive area is located in our Peruvian jungle and is home to … Read More

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destacado vacaciones familia selva

6 tips to organize a family vacation in the Amazon rainforest

The Peruvian jungle is an almost mythical place and an incredible family adventure vacation destination with an unparalleled diversity of wildlife. Visiting and doing tours in Tambopata will be a fantastic experience for your children. But how to make this … Read More

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destacado que es tambopata

What is Tambopata? Find out all about this exotic place

Are you planning to do a tour in Tambopata to get to know the Peruvian Amazon rainforest? This place is full of a beautiful diversity of exotic plants and animals that you can appreciate at any time of the year. … Read More

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destacado como llegar reserva nacional tambopata

Tambopata National Reserve: How to get to this impressive place?

The Amazon rainforest offers great opportunities to appreciate wildlife and experience incredible adventures. The city of Puerto Maldonado is the starting point for the explorations and the tours in Tambopata. But how do you get there? Tambopata National Reserve is … Read More

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Tambopata National Reserve: Why visit this impressive place?

The Tambopata National Reserve is a huge expanse of subtropical rainforest located in the department of Madre de Dios. Every year, hundreds of people embark on an excursion through the Peruvian jungle by means of a tour to Tambopata because … Read More

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destacado atractivos turisticos tambopata

What to do in Tambopata: 3 tourist attractions you must visit

Are you planning to do a tour in Tambopata? The Tambopata National Reserve is the dream place for any nature lover, as it is one of the most biodiverse areas of Peru. It is located south of the Madre de … Read More

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destacado mito hechizo lupuna

Learn about the myth of the Spell of the Lupuna of Puerto Maldonado

The Peruvian jungle is not only full of cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes, different types of exotic animals and fauna, but there are also many legends and myths that surround this mystical place. If you are thinking of making a tour … Read More

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destacado tips empacar maleta

8 tips for packing your travel suitcase that you should know

Did you just find the best tour to Puerto Maldonado ? Then it’s time for you to start packing, as packing is essential. If you forget an essential item, you will be disappointed and will have to search for the … Read More

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destacado consejos viajar selva

6 recommendations for travel to the jungle

Are you planning to make a tour to Puerto Maldonado ? Peru’s Amazon rainforest is full of great green biodiversity, natural resources and a beautiful variety of flora and fauna. Traveling to this part of the Amazon is a challenge, … Read More

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