Introductory Trail

Introductory Trail

Duration 1 -2 hours
Activities at no additional cost
Minimum 2 passengers
Introductory Trail

During this introductory walk through the trails of Sotupa Eco Lodge, a guide specialized in nature will introduce us to the ecosystem of the tropical forest, telling us the history of Madre de Dios, the magic of its animals and medicinal plants. Along our jungle activity, we will have the opportunity to find different varieties of plants such as ‘Uña de Gato’, ‘Cashapona’ (also known as ‘the walking palm tree’), chestnut trees and the enormous ‘Chihuahuacos’ among many others. We will also be able to spot different species of birds such as nuns, woodpeckers, orioles, caciques, toucans, tanagers, motmot, as well as butterflies, insects, monkeys, bamboo frogs and, with a bit of luck, some animals drinking water from the springs or feeding in the clay lick, where they consume clay as part of their diet. We also offer beautiful walks along the banks of the Tambopata River, where the trail meanders through the vegetation, exposing impressive views of the Tambopata River, so you can appreciate the vegetation and sometimes alligators and turtles.

It includes

Tour guide: In Spanish and English

Not include

Alcoholic or bottled beverages



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