Family Cabin

Family Cabin

$615 / night
Capacity of up to 6 people Terrace

Family Cabin

Our family cabin has a warm and homey atmosphere, it has a spacious living room with a spectacular view of the Tambopata River and a terrace on the second floor with an even more prodigious view. It has a capacity of up to six people, with three double rooms with private bathrooms and a view of the Tambopata River.

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Ability Price PRICE 30% OFF

6 people

US$ 615.00

US$ 430.50

It includes

Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Use of facilities.


Tourism Guide: In Spanish and English

Activities such as: Introductory Trail / Night Walk / Kayaks / Collpa / Alligator Night Search / Boat ride.

Traslados: Aeropuerto/terminal terrestre

Not include

Alcoholic or bottled beverages.

Plane / bus tickets.


Personal expenses.